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Our AIM is to make films that inspire people to get involved and make a direct difference.






We hope you will take this opportunity view these films. They will be used to help build widespread support for the hundreds of initiatives that work towards creating a more peaceful world.

For those hundreds of thousands of activists, known & unknown, who have dedicated their lives in the pursuit of a better, more peaceful world...


Beating the Bomb - sand sculpture

Beating the Bomb - sand sculpture - Krill Kozlov

Main Project


'Beating the Bomb' is the story about the biggest weapons of mass destruction ever created, the people who use them and, more importantly, the people who fight them. This feature length documentary juxtaposes the political backdrop of the atomic age against the emerging peace movement against it, charting a history from 1941 to present day. It also frames the nuclear issue within the wider context of global justice. beatingthebomb.com

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